Happy New Week Peoples! So last Sunday we watched completed season 1 of Symbolon which is on knowing the Faith with the episode on THE 4 LAST THINGS...DUH DUH DUMMMMM (lol). Basically the 4 last things are death, judgment, heaven, and hell. We all want to know what happens after we die and according to the church, there is light at the end of the tunnel. So this weeks CCC reflections will cover those 4 things so we can all meditate and pray about. Remember these reflections are written by our lovely volunteers of the session who want to further their study/meditation on the episode we watch every Sunday. We share it here so we can all benefit :-).

CCC 971 "All generations will call me blessed": "The Church's devotion to the Blessed Virgin is intrinsic to Christian worship." The Church rightly honors "the Blessed Virgin with special devotion. From the most ancient times the Blessed Virgin has been honored with the title of...

Hey guys! Apologies for the late CCC reflections! Nevertheless, here they are. The CCC reflections are written by volunteers of the session who want to further their study/meditation on the episode we watch every Sunday. We share it here so we can all benefit :-). Hopefully you can meditate on the great lessons we have learnt over weeks. Last Sunday we watched the Symbolon episode on Mary and the Saints (a summary of the session will be posted soon) which explained the four basic dogmas the Church teaches about Mary:
  1. She is the Immaculate Conception: CCC 490–493
  2. She is the Mother of God: CCC 495
  3. She is a Perpetual Virgin: CCC 496–500 
  4. She assumed into heaven CCC 966) 
This time in addition to the summaries from our volunteers, we've found short videos to help explain the 4 dogmas of Mary further. Happy Meditating!

CCC 861 & 862: The Bishops - successors of the apostles
I was a mass servant for a long time; almost 14 years! Within that time, I had the rare opportunity of serving countless priests, Bishops and Arch Bishops. However, there was always the thrill of serving at the Bishop's mass; something I never understood why until of recent. And since then, I will never let a priest or a bishop pass by without asking for His blessing / grace. You want to know why?

CCC 815 We get asked this question by others, 'why do you need the church?' We in turn find ourselves asking the same  question. 'Am I going to mark register? I can just stay at home and read my bible'. However in the grand scheme of things, this could be similarly compared to asking, 'why do I need my father, my mother, my brother, or my sister?' Yes, it is similar to asking 'why do I need my family'. For the family can be described as the nucleus of the church, from a human perspective at least, and the church is GOD's family.

So last week’s Young & Catholic Nigeria meeting was a rather special one as we were hosted by His Grace, Archbishop Adewale Martins at Holy Cross, Marina. The Symbolon topic was 'Why do I need the church?' and it was pretty amazing to have His Grace present as we learnt about the role the church has to play in our spiritual lives. It was our biggest audience yet with 40 people coming through to party with us!

CCC 830-831  The Church is catholic.      Cath.o.lic Adjective Comprehensive, Universal, broad in sympathies or tastes or interests Synonyms: wide, broad, all encompassing, comprehensive, all inclusive I have looked for different dictionary definitions of the word catholic and they all sing a similar tune, catholic means universal. The church is catholic because Christ is present in the Church and The church has been sent out by Christ on a mission to the whole human race- the whole Universe!