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Young and Catholic Nigeria is delighted to receive unsolicited articles on the Catholic faith, devotionals, the saints, and many other topics. Our publications, are aimed at explaining our experiences of the faith and offering resources that allow others to make the link between our faith and our lives. So when writing your article, think: Is this publication useful? Would I read this myself? Can I imagine someone using this publication for a talk or a small group?

Submit your article by filling the form below. If you are a new author, please also include a one-paragraph biography. Please allow up to 10 business days for review.


Articles for Young and Catholic Nigeria should be between 800-2500 characters and can include pictures for better illustration. If you cite any works, please insert a link to each citation within the body of the article (no footnotes, please). While we prefer original pieces, please let us know if your submission has been printed elsewhere.

Feel free to also to send links to videos, pictures, images and memes you would like to share as we believe that they are excellent apostolic resources. If you find a good video – or series of videos – that you think could be helpful, grab the link and write a post explaining how an apostole might use this video in his or her evangelisation. For pictures, please indicate if you took them yourself or cite the source.

Also, feel free to email us with any other questions. Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to offer compensation for new authors.

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