The Greatest Story Ever Told

Two Sundays ago, we watched the fifth episode of Symbolon which focused on how symbolism is used in the history of the church to share the story of Salvation. Faith is a mystery and we may not always understand God’s plan for us as Christians but getting on the journey is always the first step.

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Mysteries of Faith

The video made reference to a piece of art which featured the twelve apostles embedded in pillars holding up the church. This symbolises the fact that the twelve apostles are indeed the ones who carried on the legacy of the church. Another piece of art was a mosaic of Jesus’ face at the altar where people kneel and offer their reverence to God.

Our modern world has lost its story; with prayers like the creed, we are reminded of where we came from and are pointed towards the way we should go. In the video, we can reason that as Christians, we may not always understand the plan that God has for us even when life seems pointless. We further clarify that because God is a God of love, he made us and is with us meaning that this perpetual love has no beginning.

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However, as humans we also have an inclination to sin; this means it may be harder to know and follow God even with the presence of fallen angels who seek our downfall. We must also remember that every decision we make is one closer to God (salvation) or away from him (damnation).

The Redemption Story

In the beginning, God created us in His image and likeness with a self-giving love and sometimes, we may forget that Christianity is synonymous to our connection to His plan for us. People often recall Christianity with individual stories but not as a conglomerate for God’s plan where we represent our love for Him through our relationship with others until the time for our ultimate salvation approaches through Jesus Christ. There are three parts of the Redemption story:

  1. Creation: When God created Adam and Eve, we were one (unified) with God;
  2. Fall: The fall of man came when he committed wrong and refused to give himself freely, introducing sin and death;
  3. Redemption: Man can obtain redemption through the establishment of the Universal Catholic Church so that we may be with Him forever in heaven.

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How can we relate to these events in our modern world? Do you think it is hard to immerse yourself in the story of redemption and live it while trying to thrive in the contemporary world? The next instalment of this series will look at “Faith Seeking Understanding” while we examine our roles in the story of salvation; the greatest story ever told.

Will you join us at our next session?

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