Saying Farewell To Fr Emma!

Last weekend was exciting and emotional for the Young and Catholic Abuja family, we had the opportunity to send off our very own Fr. Emma Ojeifo as he goes on to further his education in the United Kingdom. He has been there for us through it all

We will like to share with you a few things we love and will miss about FadiEmma (inside joke)

1. Fr. Emma the partial judge at games nights always tilting towards the winning team ?
2. Fr. Emma tired, jet lagged but doesn’t miss a session even if he dozes off ?
3. Fr Emma witty with his words but the message is passed across
4. Fr. Emma the gracious host with a lovey spread to look forward to
5. Fr. Emma the trouble shooter with his soulful laugh

Padre the session won’t be the same without you. You will be missed your jokes and passion for the faith. Thank you for leaving us in capable hands. Go well and best of luck in all your endeavors.

The Young and Catholic Abuja Family


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