When Young And Catholic Visited the Sick….

One of the works of mercy is to visit the sick and on Sunday 27th August 2017 about 15 members of Young and Catholic Nigeria did just that. We visited the National Orthopaedic Hospital at Igbobi, Lagos.
Shortly before the ward visitation, all members convened at the Nurse’s Administrative Block to sort and arrange gift items in individual packs for easy and fair distribution to patients.  We visited the accident and emergency ward, the burns unit, the spinal cord ward and the children’s accident and emergency ward with the assistance of some hospital wardens who served as ward navigators and who broke down the cases of some of the patients.
As the visit progressed members were generally in groups of 3 or 4 speaking to patients, finding out their recovery times and success so far, praying with and for them and handing over gift bags containing powdered beverages, toiletries, detergent, tissue, and more. Patients expressed genuine happiness and gratitude for the gifts shared and willingness to spend time with them in their period of recuperation.

In the course of visit and speaking to some of the patients some unique cases were discovered. One of such was a young adult male who was rescued from the roadside in Mile 12; a victim of a hit and run. The patient had been bedridden for 5 months and was recovering from a spine fracture. Based on findings from the ward caretaker efforts to find and reach his family or any reasonable background of the patient proved futile. Some Young and Catholic members made resolutions to return to help with finding his family or make a public media announcement in view of this.
We also came across a child at the Children’s ward who had been abandoned by her parents for 7 years and was now the responsibility of the hospital. The child who was said to be suffering from cerebral palsy was initially brought by her parents as a baby and abandoned after two visits. She was renamed and unofficially adopted by the hospital.

The visitation ended with the Children’s ward at about 6:02pm after which members reconvened at the Nurse’s Admin Block for closing prayers.

We’d love to use this platform to thank all those who joined us at the hospital, all those who donated items and money, and all those who continue to pray for us and for the patients we visited. May God continue to bless and keep you all!

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