A Farewell to Father Anthony

A couple weeks ago, we had to say goodbye to our very own Father Anthony Nwosu, one of Young and Catholic’s convening priests and a friend to all who left Lagos for Rome in furtherance of a special course.

Our farewell to Father Anthony was three-fold: a surprise at his last session with a specially curated video of a few well-wishers, a proper Nigerian feast alongside the most decadent sweets; a special dinner hosted by the Young and Catholic Helpers; and a “surprise mass” with other priests and  members of our family (in which he didn’t know he would be the chief celebrant!). If you were fortunate enough to meet him, you would agree that he left us with these notions:

1. The relationship between the lay faithful and the Clergy can be as intimate as a family bond or regular friendship amongst brothers and sisters in Christ

2. Priests don’t have superpowers and have emotions like the rest of us

3. Everyone has a specific purpose for which they are on earth

4. Everyone has gifts that can be used to the benefit and upliftment of their brother or sister in Christ

Father Anthony always had a way of dropping bombs in the form of wise words. His ultimate aim was to make you feel like the best person he ever met simply by making you realise the Holy Spirit’s presence in you. Those who were fortunate enough to have him as their Spiritual Director can testify to the fact that his sessions were always thought provoking and urged one to see life from a different perspective. During his farewell mass, he urged those present to continue growing the Young and Catholic family so that one day, our aim of growing our faith and inspiring Young Catholics and people embarking on other spiritual journeys can be recognised in far places like Rome.

We are glad that he has arrived safely in the Vatican City to further his Scriptural studies and wish him abundant blessings of love and wisdom during his course as he leaves us with some of his heartfelt prayers and wishes:

“My earnest prayer for you all is that God will grant you what you need to fulfil your purpose in life. May God strengthen your faith, deepen your hope and increase your love for Him. Please endeavour to uphold the core values of the Young and Catholic Nigeria family and always show up for your part!”

Brothers and sisters, lets continue to converge as one family and look out for each other as the scriptures urge us to love our neighbours as ourselves (Mark 12: 31).

On that note:

Will you join us at our next session?

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