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As you may or may not know, we decided to invite you all to pray the rosary with us daily live on Instagram! ??In the spirit of the National Marian Year 2017  (as declared by Bishops of Nigeria to celebrate 100 years of the appearance of Mary in Fatima, Portugal) ? we started on Sacred Heart of Jesus day (Friday 23rd June 2017) and will pray the rosary live everyday until the end of the Marian year (October 31st 2017), we will pray the rosary on Instagram Live at 8am West African Time (the Time might change)!! But you can find some resources below that we will be using to help pray.

So if you find it difficult praying the rosary or just want to hang out with Mary or you want to pray as a group, join us everyday at 8am! We’ll be praying for you and see you live soon!  #RingAroundTheRosary#DailyWalkWithMary #AWalkToRemember#YCNDailyRosaryWalk #TellYourFriends#AndYourFamily #TellEverybody ?????

  1. How to Recite the Rosary
  2. How to Recite the Rosary (2)
  3. How to pray the rosary (Visual Guide)
  4. Archdiocese Of Lagos (Joyful Mysteries Meditations)
  5. Rosary Meditations from Archdiocese of Denver 
  6. Rosary meditations from the Gregorian Institute
  7. Dominican Rosary Meditations!!! (NEW)
  9. And finally want to learn how to pray the rosary from scratch?… Check out the video below and check out the apps on the Scriptural Rosary available on the Apple App Store and Google Playstore

Update 29th June 2017:

Found this video a while back and decided to share!! Lets pray for Nigeria as we pray the rosary!! After vision of Christ, Nigerian bishop says rosary will bring down Boko Haram:

Reported by @catholicnewsagency on Apr 21, 2015, Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme, the Nigerian bishop of Maiduguri shared how he had seen Christ in a vision and now knows that the rosary is the key to ridding the country of the Islamist terrorist organisation Boko Haram. You can read the original article here.

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