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What is the Mass of Chrism?

During Holy Week bishops bless sacred oils in the diocesan cathedral at a special liturgy known as the Chrism Mass. The oil of chrism is used during baptisms, confirmation, ordination and the consecration of altars. The oil of catechumens is used at the Easter Vigil. The oil of the sick is used to anoint people during the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. The oils are then distributed to the parishes for sacramental celebrations throughout the year. As part of the liturgical reforms of Vatican II, the renewal of priestly promises was incorporated into the Chrism Mass. The Chrism Mass is an ancient celebration that traditionally takes place on Holy Thursday morning.

You can watch the 2017 Chrism Mass celebration live at 9am on Tues. 11th and Thurs. 13th April, 2017 from anywhere via any of these url: and

If you will be attending the mass live please see the message below.

Message from the Chrism Mass Committee

For those who would like to attend the Chrism mass at Archangels Catholic church & Holy Cross Cathedral respectively, please take note of the following directives;

1. No choristers or choirmasters should join the Chrism Choir unless previously authorised by the ADC Music Director “Mr Joseph Oparamanuike”. This is because the ADC choir has been assigned the singing responsibility.

2. All car parking will be directed by security personel wearing branded uniforms. Please comply with them to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.
Anyone who wants to park inside or at positions they desire should arrive between 7/7:30 am at the latest.

3. Mass begins at 9am prompt!
This is to enable the mass end on time, allowing us to meet up wit the evening Holy Thursday mass in our various parishes which is different from the morning mass & also equally very important.

4. The programme will be sold for 300 naira this time.
This is due to the increased cost of printing. The program is in 2 sections: The Order of Mass & the adverts section which is also important. Parishes & individuals who sent in adverts are entitled to see their names in the advert section.

5. Free bottled water will be distributed after the mass outside the premises.

6. Very important!
You will NOT be allowed 2 enter inside the church if you do so & you may be embarrassed if you cannot explain the contents of your bag. Please take note.

7. Please do not sit in places marked “reserved” if you are not assigned/directed to sit there. Church wardens will be present to direct people accordingly. If you come early, you will most likely get a good place to sit.

8. Those coming without their cars (eg: taxi, keke, bike, etc) will not be allowed to come close to the church as there will be a security zone enforced for security reasons. Please bear with us.

9. All phones should be switched off or put on silent mode during d mass. The Church wardens have been given directives to send out anyone whose phone rings loudly in the church during the Mass.

10. There will be Medical practitioners and trained first aiders available to attend to anyone who needs it during the course of the Mass.

11. Immodest dressing will not be permitted in the Cathedral. Mass attendees are asked to desist from showing bare shoulders, ill fitting trousers, skirts and dresses, open chests and back. The Chrism mass is a solemn mass and we are asked to dress accordingly.

12. Those who seek to greet their fellow priests may do so while they are downstairs. Once the priests have gone upstairs to meet with the Archbishop, no lay faithful will be allowed to come upstairs.

13. If you have to take pics, please do so discretely in designated areas as directed by the church wardens to avoid embarrassment.

14. Disrespect to any personnel in charge of any dispensation will not be tolerated. Any complaints of any form should be addressed to Fr. Teko – the Holy Cross Cathedral Administrator or Mr. Soleye Hughes – the Chrism Mass Committee Chairman.

Lumen Christi, STV & AIT TV stations will air the Mass on later dates (Sunday & Monday afternoon & evening respectively).

Please comply with these directives so we can enjoy a beautiful mass in the Lord’s house.
God bless u all…

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