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If you’re reading this, thank you for doing just that. By God’s grace and mercy, we are growing! As a result, we need all the support we can get and here’s how you can help:



We all know prayer is the most important and goes a long way. We ask that you say one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be for us. Additionally or alternatively, we would really appreciate if you could say/book a mass for us. We continue to pray for spiritual growth within our group and the continued boldness to evangelise wherever we are. For peace in our group and in the world, and a continued hunger for Christ.



We have identified a few ministries that in their different ways make things work. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this post to join any of these ministries:

  • General Volunteering
  • Retreats
  • Communications (Audio/Visual)
  • Charity/Mercy
  • Social Events
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Conferences
  • Music



As we keep growing, we need funds to support our works of mercy, pay for certain venues, keep those small chops flowing, and quench people’s thirst with some nice chilled water. If you feel moved to donate please make all payments to Isioma Coker, 0006601053 GTB.


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Volunteer with us!

Pick a ministry you would love to be involved in:

Your NameYour full name
Phone NumberValid number we can reach you at
Secondary MinistryIf you'd like to volunteer in another ministry


We thank you so much for whichever way you decide to support Young & Catholic Nigeria. Lastly, tell your friends and family about us and our sessions! Our community is what makes us and we only want to see it grow. May God bless you abundantly as you continue to support us, Amen!

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