My Unusual Praise Experience!

I’ve never been for a praise concert before, not even for The Experience in its 11 years of glory. Needless to say, what took place on the grounds of Divine Mercy (Lekki) on 10 December 2016 was truly the epitome of Unusual.

I had made a commitment earlier in the year to grow my relationship with God and really step outside of my comfort zone in terms of being a practicing Catholic; this involved making the effort to engage in other activities asides Sunday Mass. At that time, I had read books by Christian authors and watched several videos on YouTube concerning spiritual growth, career development, relationships and finding one’s purpose.  A reoccurring theme always popped up: Fellowship.

Unknown to me, a few months later, I would have the urge to attend mass more, attend bible study occasionally and surround myself with people who seemed to be in search of something profoundly similar, just like me.

Asides the welcome address, the Unusual Praise activities began with a prayer from Monsignor Paschal Nwazeapu and the lineup commenced with the most adorable performances by children. There was something calming about listening to the children sing and perform. It reminded me that they are unspoiled by the secularity of this world and that we should become like children, unless we will never enter the promised kingdom (See Matthew 18:3). Also, through the praise of children and youth, a stronghold will be established against our enemies (Psalm 8:2).

I also became more familiar with the feeling of listening to Praise and Worship Music, live. It was clear that the various artists that performed throughout the night had the charism of music because I felt my spirit being lifted to a place of peace, where no cares or worries exist. My skin on the other hand, contracted goosebumps which was not caused by the unusual December drizzle.

The testimonies given by a couple of the artists further reminded me that our faith crosses borders and all walks of life. God is as available as we want Him to be in our lives and He may come to us whether we actively seek Him or not. My prayer is for myself and for you reading this: that we may be humble and give thanks to Him throughout our darkest and brightest encounters, for He is a faithful God and a God of peace.

My Unusual Praise experience did not start that Saturday night and it’s not over yet. However, my spirit received the highest point of revelations and suddenly, all the experiences and knowledge gained over the year consolidated. Here are a few things I have learnt:

  1. We are one body in Christ, united for the purpose of building the church and spreading the gospel.
  2. There’s no better way to lift up our hearts and minds to God than singing and praying
  3. When two or more are gathered to pray and sing praises in the Lord’s name, He is present
  4. Riding off the testimonies of others is extremely beneficial in growing together, promoting one fellowship

I encourage everyone at different places in their spiritual journey to attend this event next year; the power of fellowship (we were about 10,000 strong) is insurmountable and will move even the heart of those who may have lost hope in life. Unusual Praise really lived up to Psalm 150:6 which says “Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord”.  I was privileged to attend this event and now, I can’t wait for next year’s event!

Also you can still donate and support Unusual Praise – support by dialling * 322* 5704 * Amt# or visit to donate online or make transfers to Zenith Bank account 1014782234 !! God Bless!

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