We all remember the great sorrow of Jesus on Good Friday in Gethsemane. But many have forgotten His tears over Jerusalem. The authorities of Jerusalem had been given every opportunity to repent & change their ways, but they didn’t take advantage of them. God sent them prophets but they wouldn’t listen to them and killed them. Eventually God sent them His Son; but again they wouldn’t listen to Him. And God wondered what else He could do…& He wept.

We should meditate on the Tears of God. It’s a hard thing to see a father weeping for his children who are destroying their life. Like a mother & a father, God sheds tears for His children because He loves us. Think about it slowly: We make God suffer & even cry. Many people ask God for comfort & consolation, but who comforts God? Who consoles Him?

During the apparitions of the Angel of Fatima to the three shepherds (Lucia, Jacinta & Francisco) he brought them Holy Communion & said:

“Take & drink the Body & Blood of Jesus Christ, horribly outraged by ungrateful men. Make reparation for their crimes & console your God.”

The Angel’s words, “Console your God,” burned themselves into Francisco’s heart. He sought to be the consoler of ‘the Hidden Jesus’ in the Tabernacle & by praying the Rosary.

“How beautiful God is, how beautiful!” he said, “But He is sad because of the sins of men. I want to console Him, I want to suffer for love of Him” (Bl. Francisco Marto died at the age of 10).

How do I console God & suffer for love of Him? The Angel said to the shepherds in Fatima,

“The Hearts of Jesus & Mary are attentive to your prayers.”

Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, you & your Son are attentive to my prayer; remind me often that ’I’ can console GOD! Holy Souls, help me to comfort Him. Jesus, help me to see your tears when I am the one who has separated myself from you. Move my heart to repentance by the compassion & love in your eyes. Draw me to you, & make me whole again. Let me rejoice in your lavish tenderness. Give me your heart, Lord! Just as you are close to each of us, help me not to hold myself aloof from my brothers and sisters. Even if they seem to be cutting themselves off from you, stir my compassion. Help me see over everything else that they are my brothers and sisters, that we are all children of the same Father in heaven. Help me to suffer with them and rejoice with them, to welcome them and accompany them, just as you do.

“Jesus, give me a heart like yours—a heart of compassion and solidarity.”


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