One thought on “Will I Ever Find The One?

  1. I have to say this is the first time I have heard a priest giving this kind of talk and I strongly disagree. I agree that we don’t need to look for perfection in a spouse–the “one” in the sense of a perfect match. But I think his psychological examination eliminates the consideration that marriage (just as priesthood) is a vocation . God calls to it, He calls us to choose it freely and in great liberty. It is not a battle of wills nor an imposition of what I think will be better for my life on the will of God, but a calling from the One who knows us better than we know ourselves. The One who knows what new life he wants to bring from the union of two people–a person’s potential children are not possible with any of the 3.5 billion candidates but with the one God is calling him or her to get married to. It is a calling and must be discerned, chosen and fought for. Each vocation comes with a cross, but each vocation comes with the grace to carry that cross. The one someone is called to get married to is not a perfect match in the sense of external or material perfection, but he or she is the one who will help the other get to heaven–either because he/she is a loving helper, a big cross or a combination of the two! The important thing that I think is missing in this video is that God is the one who calls and He is also the one who will make it possible to answer the call if we but trust in Him. And lastly, no priest would ever have been happy with any of the 15 women he knew who were attractive for marriage because he was called by God to be a priest and not a married man.

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