So……What is Hell???

The gift of free will is the most important gift after the gift of the breath of life. The will to choose our path. Judgement and Sentence after life is not some sort of show of superiority by God. HELL or HEAVEN is simply a resultant effect of our own actions. Our decisions actually are what take us to HELL or HEAVEN.

THE CCC 1033 – 1037 tells us that Hell is the state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed. To be in unity with God is by our own free will, we have to choose to love him and the only way we can express our love for him is in obedience to his will “LOVE OF GOD AND LOVE OF NEIGHBOUR”.

The key to eternal happiness is repenting and accepting God’s merciful Love. Our Soul longs to be in communion with God, and that is the real essence and purpose of man. The main punishment of hell is not just the FLAMES but the eternal separation from God. For the soul that goes to hell, it would continue to yearn for God but to no avail.

In Hell the Communion, Love and Mercy of God is no longer with us.

Lessons and Hope

  • We have to come to the realisation that in making use of our will, our eternal destination and destiny should be of prior importance.
  • We should not be scared, of the attaining holiness as we are called to be holy and not perfect.
  • Holiness is achieved by constant communion and obedience to the one and true God who alone is perfect – let us frequent the sacraments, holy communion, confession etc and if we are without sacraments we are encourages to start the journey through Baptism.
  • The church and the scriptures ascertain the existence of the place of eternal damnation in the burning flames of hell and since we do not know the day we’ll die or the day of judgement, we are called to immediate conversion and repentance. God wills us to be with him in heaven and by his grace he provides us daily opportunities to bring us closer to him, now its time for us to make a conscious effort to obey him.

Especially in this year of mercy we are called to return to God through the church, we are encouraged to go for confession, seek more about our faith as it is our responsibility to know and find the truth. As the Lord has said, we should ask, knock but we must also seek….Our Lord in his infinite mercy will grant us the grace to truly find him if we but seek.

Let us Pray: Father please grant us the grace to fight and desist from sin, help us to always be in obedience to your will. Help us understand and experience the existence of your mercy and love, grant us your peace in this life and save us from final damnation. Amen

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