What exactly is Heaven and where is it? 

To be honest for most of my life I thought of it as a place in the sky – just a little further out than where humans have been able to travel with gold paved streets, pearly white gates and Angel Michael standing there with the ultimate guest list that we all hope to be on.

But what does the Church teach us about Heaven? 
In CCC 1023 – 1029, the Church makes it very clear to us that Heaven is a place of completion. When we have passed from this world in a state of grace and found to be purified, we have now been found worthy to enter into God’s presence and be in true communion with Him – we get to see him face to face!
No one has seen God the Father face to face, even when Moses asked for this priviledge, God only showed Him his back because for us to be able to see God face to face we have to be pure from all attachment to sin. This is what we desire as humans and why St. Augustine says that “Our hearts are restless until they rest in Him”.
We get a slight taste of heaven every time we are privileged to receive the Eucharist. In that moment, we are blessed to be able to physically receive into our bodies, the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and experience the intimacy with God that our souls are constantly craving.
Heaven is the ultimate fulfillment of our deepest human longings, the state of supreme, definitive happiness. Heaven is where we will be with Christ, live in Him, see God face to face and reign with Him forever and ever.
May God grant us the grace to lead lives that will enable us to see Him face to face and see Him in his true glory. Amen

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