Symbolon Sundays: Archbishop Edition

So last week’s Young & Catholic Nigeria meeting was a rather special one as we were hosted by His Grace, Archbishop Adewale Martins at Holy Cross, Marina. The Symbolon topic was ‘Why do I need the church?’ and it was pretty amazing to have His Grace present as we learnt about the role the church has to play in our spiritual lives. It was our biggest audience yet with 40 people coming through to party with us!

The main talking points were:

  • How communion with the Church is directly related to our relationship with Christ
  • How the Church is more than a human institution
  • Why Jesus established only one Church
  • The four marks (or chief characteristics) of the Church (The Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic)
  • How the Church can be holy when it is filled with sinners
  • Why we call the Church “Catholic”

Some people in the group spoke about their fears about church in general and one of the more intriguing issues was the presence of sinners in the church. On its own, the fear seems justified because how am I supposed to get rid of sin in church whilst in the midst of sinners like myself? You don’t go to the hospital unless you’re sick. Sin is the sickness that we are all trying to rid ourselves of and the best healer mankind has ever known, Jesus Christ, set up the one institution, the Church, dedicated to doing just that.

Unity in ONE Church has always been the vision of Christ for his Church. One big community, as God’s people, striving to live life the way God intended it for us. The connectivity of the Archbishop to the Pope to St. Peter is amazing. Also the fact that in baptism, we all became brothers and sisters in Christ is also another mind-blowing fact. As family members, we are all responsible for each other, it is now our choice to decide how to handle this responsibility.

We are forever grateful to Archbishop Adewale Martins for hosting us on Sunday, it was such an honour.

Food for thought:

What do you think about the relationship between Jesus Christ and His Church?

Is it really possible for the church to be holy when it is filled with sinners?

Can the imperfections of the Church be really what makes it perfect for us?

Don’t forget to read all the Daily CCC Reflections to get a better feel of what was discussed in last week’s session. We wish you all a fruitful Lent period and a blessed weekend ahead!


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