Daily CCC Reflection: The Church is Catholic

CCC 830-831 

The Church is catholic.      Cath.o.lic

Comprehensive, Universal, broad in sympathies or tastes or interests

Synonyms: wide, broad, all encompassing, comprehensive, all inclusive

I have looked for different dictionary definitions of the word catholic and they all sing a similar tune, catholic means universal. The church is catholic because Christ is present in the Church and The church has been sent out by Christ on a mission to the whole human race- the whole Universe!

The church is broad, with the different sacraments, prayers and even church societies.
The church is universal as people of all races in different nations can partake in Christs kingdom. The church is for all of us.

Wherever we are and whatever we are doing, we all have a part to play in all the different aspects of the church, there’s room for all of us.

Even though we may seem detached from the church, our families, some of our loved ones and indeed strangers living on the other side of the world we hope for us all to be united as one under Christs kingdom.

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