Daily CCC Reflection: The Church is Apostolic

CCC 857

In the reflection today (the Church being Apostolic) we try to understand the Church, the Apostolic (or Apostles mission) and what this means for “The Church to be Apostolic”

The Church is Christ, founded by Him; and through this Holy Church we receive the graces of Christ. If we think back to when our Lord started his mission, he did not go about it alone. Instead, he met with Peter and the rest of the 12 apostles and called upon them to follow him. Then he went about with his 12 apostles, throughout his 3 short but effective years of teachings. He called these 12 to be witnesses to his word and to learn from him in order to carry out his teachings after his ascension into heaven.

These 12, as human as they could possibly be, were entrusted by Christ with the teachings of the Gospel of which has been preserved over thousands of centuries to guide the Church and all its members in the teachings of the Holy Scripture, the doctrine, the sacraments, the ministry of pastors, in order that we may be faithful to Christ and share in His own Life.

If we think about this, by being part of the Church we are all apostles in Christ (though this differs from the Bishops and Pope of which their lineage can be traced back to Peter and all 12), having been baptized in the Church since birth and accepting the sacraments as we get older, including witnessing the gospel each time we attend mass.

Therefore, we have been entrusted with responsibilities to live and teach as Christ did; he taught his apostles. Remember, they were men with flaws till the very end. We must not despair when we err. Instead we must seek Him, Christ, who is all forgiving, all merciful and all loving.

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