Daily CCC Reflection: The Church is One

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Our last Symbolon episode was on why we need the church and the church’s role on our religious and spiritual life. We went through a variety of themes relating to this topic.

• How communion with the Church is directly related to our relationship with Christ
• How the Church is more than a human institution
• Why Jesus established only one Church
• The four marks (or chief characteristics) of the Church
• How the Church can be holy when it is filled with sinners
• Why we call the Church “Catholic”

These themes will be further explained throughout the week as we continue with this weeks’ Daily CCC Reflections. Today’s reflection is The Church is one –CCC 813-814. Here the CCC dives deeper into how there is only one true church. We learn about the source of the church, the founder of the church and the soul of the church.

The Church is One: The sacred mystery of the Church’s unity

It is explained to us how there is only one true church. Regardless of the intricacies and traditions of our individual churches, they should remain united. The Catholic Church is one because of her source, because of her founder, and because of her “soul” and this unity is the very essence of the church.

The Source: Here we see the greatest example of this expressed in the undivided Holy Trinity: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, all three united in one person. We serve one God in whom lies The Trinity which embodies the unity.

The Founder: The church is one because of her one founder, Jesus Christ. We are reminded that Christ reconciled all men and as such, restored our unity through His death on the cross. Sometimes it’s difficult to process that this selfless sacrifice became the attributing factor for our one and unified church.

The Soul: The church is one because her soul is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit which dwells within us and guides the teachings of our church unites us in the communion of faith and in Christ who brought about the church’s unity. If we truly believe in God, we need to let the Holy Spirit reside in us as it is the Spirit that creates the essence of communion with Christ.

The church has always been diverse, through the many gifts given to us by God and the general diversity of people who use these gifts in different ways. There is a diversity of peoples, cultures, gifts, and even individual catholic churches which have their own traditions. We are called to continually use our God-given gifts, but not let our ways of life invite sin into our lives or the lives of others. We should appreciate the diversity of the church as “the great richness of such diversity is not opposed to the Church’s unity,” but let us not allow sin threaten the gift of our unity.

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