Daily CCC Reflection: Justification and Sanctification

Justification and Sanctification CCC 1996 – 2000

The first thing you learn in writing is to avoid “big” words i.e. use everyday English. This makes it easier for the common man to relate. However, as Catholics, justification and sanctification should be part of our daily vocabulary because they are fundamental to our Christian faith- besides it’s not like its verisimilitude or pandiculation.

So first what is justification?

In an earlier part of the CCC (1987) it states that “the grace of the Holy Spirit has the power to justify us, that is, to cleanse us from our sins and to communicate to us ‘the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ’ and through Baptism”; moreover this our justification, is a “grace of God”.

Now, grace itself, is divine favor; it is God’s unasked for and undeserving gift to us which allows us to answer His call to be His children, emulate His divine nature and gain eternal life. Can you appreciate what this means? Not only is our recognition and acceptance of our salvation a gift from God but our continued participation in the life of God is also by his intercession.

This grace reveals the intimacy of life in the Holy Trinity. Through baptism we get to call God, “Father”; we follow in Christ footsteps and get ordained for our mission here on earth (service to the body/church of which Christ is the Head); and finally we receive the breath of divine life, “the Spirit”, which empowers us on our journey- literally suppose to take control and show the way.

This calling or vocation is to receive eternal life and it is supernatural. It surpasses our human (and earthly) knowledge, logic and intellect because it depends solely on God’s “gratuitous initiative”- since only Him can reveal Himself to us.


Furthermore, this grace of Christ grants us a new life in Him whereby we are infused with the Holy Spirit and so our souls are cleansed of sin and sanctified.

Double wow!

Like the Symbolon video taught us sanctification is to be healed from sin and made holy and we receive this sanctifying or deifying grace at Baptism.

But there is more to it…sanctifying grace is a habitual gift/grace: “a stable and supernatural disposition that perfects the soul itself to enable it to live with God, to act by his love.” This should not be confused with actual graces which are God’s interventions at the stage of our conversion or during the process of sanctification; habitual grace is a permanent disposition to live and act as God wills.

Let us pray for God’s habitual grace to entirely commit our lives to living as he intends, a life free from sin where we listen to His call, act by His love and do His will

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