Daily CCC Reflection: The Revelation of God as Trinity

The Revelation of God as Trinity (CCC 238 – 248)

Calling God our Father implies that he is the first origin, and the beginning of everything and that we acknowledge him as a parent who is all loving and all knowing. From the time of our birth, our human relationships with our parents’ expresses a loving and tender relationship expressed by the image of motherhood. From infancy, we turned to our parents for food, shelter, care and protection who are in a way the first representatives of God for man.

God’s parental relationship with us is however perfect and transcends human error and limitations, as he is all knowing and all –loving. The Father expresses his intimate love for us by establishing a creator-creation relationship with him constantly pouring out love and being in constant contact with us throughout the ages in the form of his Son and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus reveals that God is the Father and no one knows the Father except the Son. This shows that true and genuine knowledge of God the Father can only come from an understanding of the Son through the help of the Holy Spirit. We cannot in our own capacity as humans understand God but through faith, we can seek the Father.

In the beginning, the word was with God, and the word was God…Jesus is the word of God who has been with the Father since creation. This also shows that the Father and the Son were in existence at creation and are therefore one as only God existed at creation. The Nicene Creed professes that the Son is “consubstantial” with the Father, which means of the same substance or essence as the father. John 1:1 – reveals that the word (the Son) was with God at creation and that the word is the source of all life and that not one thing in all creation was created without him.

Before the Passover, Jesus promised his disciples to send them the Holy Spirit, who has also been in existence since creation but having “spoken through the prophets”. CCC244 – “The eternal origin of the Holy Spirit is revealed in his mission in time. The Spirit is sent to the apostles and to the Church both by the Father in the name of the Son, and by the Son in person, once he had returned to the Father. The sending of the person of the Spirit after Jesus’ glorification reveals in its fullness the mystery of the Holy Trinity.”

When we say, ”I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of Life, who proceeds from the Father”, we acknowledge that God the Father (Creator) who made all things is one and the same person as the Holy Spirit. In Genesis 1:1-2 it shows that in the beginning, the earth was without form and void and the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. We can see that the three persons are fully intertwined and are truly 3 persons in one who were all present in the beginning.


CCC 452-455:

The name Jesus means “God saves” and Jesus was sent to save his people from their sins. The title “Christ” means “Anointed One” and God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit. The title “Son of God” signifies the eternal relationship between the Son and the Father and the title “Lord” indicates sovereignty. To confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, is to accept that he is the Son of God and no one can say “Jesus is Lord” except by the power of the Holy Spirit – 1 Cor 12:3. When we profess that God is our Father, we acknowledge that the Holy Trinity.

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