True Beauty: Sisterhood (2)

We continued with True Beauty series on Sisterhood from last week. This is the last of the episodes for the True Beauty series and we will be moving back to the Symbolon series.

Examine the virtue of power in our lives:

Emotional virtue is the bedrock of true sisterhood. “It is all about realigning our own hearts in hopes of realigning our relationships with one another. If we aren’t in control of our emotions, then they will control us; and when they control us, we are no longer free to love. Emotional virtue, therefore, frees us to truly love with an undivided heart.”

What is virtue?

  • Virtue is striving for human excellence.
  • Virtue is forming the habits of knowing and choosing the good.
  • Virtue harnesses and trains your passions and emotions to work toward the good.
  • Virtue gives you the freedom to love.

We know already that there are two types of virtues: Cardinal virtues (Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance)and theological virtues (Faith, Hope, and Charity).

Our bodies are the windows to our souls. Our inner beauty comes from knowing who we are in Christ and that Christ loves us. We need to ask ourselves, Who do I want to be? Each choice we make is a step closer or step away from the person we want to be. St Catherine of Siena said, “Be who God created you to be and you will set the world on fire.” God wants you to be the real you no society’s ideal you.

We discussed a couple of questions and each girl answered them:

  • Who do you think God wants you to be?

A person who doesn’t participate in gossip, a patient person, God wants me to follow him and do his will, to be selfless, to not waste the gifts and talents he has given, to be a woman of virtue, to support and encourage others, to be humble, to be courageous in the faith, to be an inspiration to others.

  • What virtues do you want to grow in?

Patience, Kindness, Selflessness, Discernment, Understanding and tolerance, Love, sincerity, courage, forgiveness, less worrying, calm and peace, growth in the faith, positivity, self control, humility and charity.

  • How do you want your inner beauty to shine for all the world to see?

Through: our daily actions, patience, effortless through acts, making an impact on people, being consistent in the faith, being myself, positivity, helping others, way of living, forgiveness, steadfastness in decisions, self control, living his commandments and being an example of his love.

Father Anthony suggested we read Martin Luther Kings’ speech, Love your enemies when we spoke a: Audio and Text

5 key practices to become a true sister in Christ:

We should find our sisters in Christ and share our lives with them. To be a true sister in Christ:

  1. Don’t compare or compete; use compassion instead. Be vulnerable. Grow in virtue. Strive to be drama-free. Know who you are. Love when it hurts.
  2. Embrace the real you and let your interior beauty shine.
  3. Be accountable to each other
  4. Recall the proverb: “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17).
  5. Be the friend you are looking for.

“Love actually is a great act of will. It is when I say, ‘I desire your good, not for my sake but yours.’ To love is to break out of the black hole of the ego and say, ‘My life is about you.’” – Father Robert Barron.

A Prayer For True Friendship:

Jesus, loving companion of your children. You have extended your friendship to all. You opened your arms without discrimination, offering your warmth to those seeking comfort. Endow me with the virtue of such a friendship, to know, love and trust all on an equal basis; to share my patronizing without favouritism, and to be pleasant towards the destitute. Fashion my heart to reflect your qualities, those befitting of a cordial association. Jesus, you showed the way to true friendship: Blessed is your amazing and warm person.

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