Priests Special: Evaluating Moral Actions 1 – The Human Being

Hey Guys! So on Sunday we had an amazing session where Father Anthony took us through the foundations on how to ‘Evaluate moral actions’. He gave us a brief summary of Christian anthropology and morality. Then he defined virtues and the different types, he explained what a conscience is formed by and how it plays a big role in determining the way we should live and he clarified what moral principles are. Based on these definitions we then tackled moral issues such as contraception, pre-marital sex, euthanasia and suicide. The notes on the session are split in three posts for better reading and  understanding. In this post, Father Anthony defines the Christian teachings of what a human being is i.e. Christian Anthropology .

  1. The Human person is a subject and NOT an object to be used or treated as a THING.
  2. The human person is an embodied spiritual Subject. The human person is a composite being; body and soul (spirit). As such, we don’t have a body or own a body; we are as much our bodies as we are our spirits.
  3. The human person is inter-relational and interdependent…
    • No man is an island
    • We exists to relate and draw strength and inspiration from others
    • We are a being in communion.
    • We need each other to grow and develop
  4. The Human person is a sexual being. Male and female he made them (Gen.5:2)…Our masculinity and feminity embody everything we are.
    • Our sexuality is not limited to things that erotic, it actually pervades everything; how we relate to one another; think and behave, etc
  5. The human person is historical…. We all have a past, present and look forward to a future, we have an origin, hail from a culture, belong to a society, has a family, and are able to recall things through the use of our memories.
  6. We are equal but unique…
  7. We are called to worship and know God….Who made you? Why did God make you? The catechism has a classical response to this questions, “God made me…God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in the next.”

Watch out for PART 2! (Lol)

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