Every Man’s Battle: Pornography

Living up to God’s standards of purity is challenging for today’s young people.  It means going against social norms at the risk of being laughed at, labelled as “uncool”or a worse…a prude. However, even in the midst of the sexual sensory overload in the media and today’s world, many young men believe they have the heart and courage to step up to the challenges of manhood.  The sexual imagery everywhere makes it that much harder to be chaste and live our lives the way God intended. We hear people saying ,”I’m not hurting anybody” and ” its perfectly safe”, “Its just harmless fun”, well…it is harming someone and that person is you!
Pornography is easily accessible these days especially on the internet and because people don’t see the immediate danger, they encourage it. A natural fact is men were made by God to be visual creatures. This also means that all men struggle with lust and if not contained, could easily spiral down the cold dark hole of pornography addiction. It is important to note that the devil will not tempt you with what does not attract you.
The enemy’s most effective strategy is ISOLATION and once a person isolates themselves, they start to mentally justify their actions and create false lives. Struggles begin in the mind but once you share them or have an outlet (a person you trust to help you) , they become less of a threat to you.
It is God’s intention for man to be joined together with his wife and pornography is a selfish internalization and representation of that love. It harms a man’s ability to bond intimately with his wife, leading to unrealistic expectations of marital sex and boredom.
Pornography also resets the pleasure thermostat in the brain…always progressive, moving from one level to another while offering diminishing chemical rewards. In time, these desires cannot be satisfied and many men end up being dissatisfied and looking for love in all the wrong places. As we know addictions are progressive so they usually do not stop with one type.
Pornography also conditions men to think about women in an un-christian like way thereby hurting us  spiritually (sin), socially (via isolation) and neurologically…a study showed that the brain mass in men who were addict to pornography was significantly less than those who didn’t watch pornography. Don’t fret however, this can be reversed in 18 months!
Pornography is spiritually damaging in that it separates us from God and focuses our minds on earthly(sexual) pleasures which are only to be shared between a man and a woman within the confines of marriage. As long as you live in the flesh, it is impossible to please God. “Sin takes you farther than you want to go, keeps you longer than you are willing to stay and costs you more than you are willing to pay”. Matthew 5:28 says that “I say to you anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committee adultery with her in his heart”.
The solution to ending pornography is mental detox. This simply means that we need a total mind reset and purgation of the world ideals and teachings of sex, sexuality, morality and chastity. As a counter, we need to fill ourselves with God’s word and the church’s teachings on same issues. We need to invoke the intercession of the great counsellor, the teacher, the strengthener, the Holy Spirit as he is the wind that can be the driving force to push all infirmity away. With God all things are possible. The road to recovery should be taken one day at a time with the help of the holy spirit.
“Either man governs his passions and finds his peace or he lets himself be dominated by them and becomes unhappy” – CCC 2339
May the good Lord meet us at the point of our needs and give us the strength to overcome temptation and vices. Amen.
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