True Beauty Session #2: Passion and Purity (contd)

So continuing from where we stopped last Sunday with True Beauty Session #2: Passion and Purity, we watched the last scene of the episode. Heres the summary below:

  • There is always hope in Christ
  • People are trying to find love in the wrong places; the Church knows that we all crave love.
  • Six practical tips to help you live out a life of Chastity:
    1. Make a commitment to live out the virtue of chastity.
    2. Find holy friends; you can’t do it alone
    3. Dont settle for SCRAPS; don’t fall for guys who pressure you and who don’t love you for who you are.
    4. Set specifics boundaries; decide now how pure you can be.
    5. Avoid temptation; live purity and avoid the near occasion of sin.
    6. Pray for protection and for the young men who are committing to live in purity as well.

Discussion: How can we as a small group hold each other accountable to living a life of chastity?

– Encourage each other, host sessions like we are doing and pray for one another. Support each other an advise each other when it comes to Modesty and Fashion.

– Pass the message along to the next generation by volunteering to be mentors to young women to ensure our children eventually get the right message that the Church teaches about sex and the importance of chastity.

How will making a commitment to chastity affect your life both now and in the future?

We divided this response into two:

-For those who are currently in a relationship, it means we can protect ourselves and do what is right in Gods eyes. For now it might hurt to let go of old habits, break up with a current relationship because it doesn’t meet Christ standards, however, in the long run it would be better as Christ had better plans for us if we follow his will. It might also be a call to step up with your partner if he is willing to and do the right thing for Gods sake. This would mean a stronger foundation when going into marriage.

-For those who are single, it means we can seek the things that are most important to God first and spare some heartache. It would also mean full disclosure of ‘chastity’ being an important part of you when going into a relationship. In the short term, it could limit your options, but in the long run it is doing Gods will and that is more important regardless of whether you find a partner or not.

Next Steps:

This week take time to meditate on Matthew 5:8, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 and the story of Susanna in Daniel 13. Write a letter of commitment and intent to God:

  • Include your promise to live out this virtue of Chastity daily and write down the specific areas if temptation where you need God’s protection and strength.
  • At the end of the letter ask God to guide you in the area of sexuality.
  • If you think His plan for you is to get married someday, include in your letter a prayer for your future spouse. Ask God to guide his heart and protect his purity.
  • Place the letter in your Bible or a special place and read through it every day of the week as well as in the future.
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